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Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

On Wednesday, October 5th, VBS1 and 2 went to meet two real life astronauts, Japanese engineer Soichi Noguchi and space tourist Richard Garriott. To celebrate 25 years of Austrian involvement in the space program, hundreds of astronauts met at a convention in Vienna and some children were invited to meet them.

We saw lots of pictures of Earth taken from space. Especially interesting were the ones clearly showing humankind’s impact on nature. Richard also explained that by the time we’re grown up, many more space tourists will have the opportunity to travel into outer space. Soichi showed us a video of his time on the International Space Station and we saw him performing experiments, fixing the robot arm, putting on his space suit, exercising, eating, partying and even doing synchronised space ‘swimming’ with his fellow crew members.

At the end there was lots of time for questions and we learned things like the scariest thing about going to space is the elevator ride in the rocket, the sun comes up 16 times a day on the ISS and the food isn’t great even though you get to plan your own menu.

Speaking of food, we got to taste space ice cream too! It was a really amazing day.

img_6133 img_6139

On Friday, VBS 2 went to visit an organic farm.

We learned all about how bread is made: from the farmers growing the wheat and sending it to the mill and the ingredients the baker uses to make the bread.


Then we were given some dough to kneed and created our own special bread rolls.






img_6093Of course, bread tastes even better with butter so after some serious shaking, jumping and dancing, our cream magically turned into butter!


img_6101While our bread was baking we got to visit cuddly goats, majestic alpacas, feed disinterested chickens and stroke soft baby bunnies.


img_6109 img_6116 img_6117The bread and butter was so delicious!

img_6122 img_6121

Language week was so much fun!

First we had our assembly lesson where we wore the flag headbands we’d made, sang the Children of the World song and taught each other phrases in our home languages.


On Tuesday, we acted out Little Red Riding Hood and learned to write our names in Russian,


img_6052We also made edible flags and learned to count in Italian


Wrote our names in Urdu.


Listened to the story of how Singapore got its name and made merlion puppets.


We all made bilingual language bodies, learning how to write the names of the languages in German and English, and that languages always start with a capital letter.

A HUGE thank you to all the parents that came to make our week so special.

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