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Today, the 6th of November 2017, VBS2 went to a sport hall at Donaumarina to take part in a speed stacking competition.

First we learned how to speed stack. It’s important to start with the boss hand. Next, we practised alone and with a partner using nine cups.

Then, a young woman called Kathi explained the rules. If a cup falls, you have to put it back on top. When you’d stacked and unstacked the nine cups, you put your hands on the sensors. Everyone got three chances.

After that we made two teams. There was an obstacle course where we stacked giant cups, summersaulted on a fat mat, balanced on a bench and stacked little cups.

Last a man took a group photo (he told us to say ant poop!) and we got  a drink and a treat.

Back at school we got a certificate with our fastest time.

Speed stacking was fun and we want to do it again next year.


Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Great cooking course from Gourmet! The children were completely involved and interested. It was delicious!

The students and teachers of 3a have learned a lot about Vienna in the past couple of months.

A visit to St. Stephen’s Cathedral is always the highlight when learning about Vienna. Our guided tour gave us lots of information about some of the most important things to remember on the inside of the church. Such as ‘The Christ with a toothache’, The Neustädter Altar, The tomb of Emperor Federick III, The famous ‘Fenstergucker’ Markus Leupold-Löwenthal’s self-portrait, The Catacombs and many, many more! After we finished the inside tour, Lily and the 3a went up the 343 steps of the southern tower all the way to the ‘Fire Watcher’s  Room’ On the way up everyone thought they had heard scary noises coming from past legends. Everybody enjoyed the beautiful sunny view of our amazing Vienna.

The 3a also went on another outing to the old part of Vienna.  They walked along the Roterturm street.  They saw The St. Rupert’s Church. The gold sheet the students were given was thinner than aluminum foil. They also smelled spices  and learned the term Schlitzohr! During our English lesson the children told Lily all about their outing in the old part of Vienna.


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